The Ultimate Guide to University. #BackToSchool

Ok I lied. This is probably not an "Ultimate guide" because I'm sure I missed a lot of things however I can say that I have developed some unique tips when it comes to saving money at university. Back to School season always gets me excited because it's and excuse for me to enjoy one of my favourite for stationary. I thought it would be helpful to create this guide for all my friends joining university this year and giving them tips on how to save money and what to buy. I do have to say that although this guide will be predominately aimed at students in the UK, i'm sure a lot of these tips can be transferred to other parts of the world. Brace yourselves because this is going to be a big read...
What do I need at University?
In all honesty what you need to bring to university actually depends on your course, however there are some generic things you  can bring that will greatly help you bing prepared. I've made a little college supply Wishlist (as seen below), to be complete honest not all the stuff is necessary.  

Summer Beauty Favourites 2016

It's honesty been such a long time since I last did a beauty post (or any kind of post to be quite honest) and I did a summer favourites post before and a lot of you really liked it, so this year I'm going to do it again. 

I've been obsessing over this make up brand for so long. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I spent my entire trip in UAE scouring every make up store to find that the NYX lip creams had gone out of stock. As soon as I heard that NYX came to the UK, my lovely brother in fact went to buy me the lip creams because I was at work. It was so funny the way my brother was surprised at how busy the make up counters were. 

The two lip creams that I've been loving are Stockholm and Abu Dhabi. They're just so creamy and the colour pay off is just beautiful. I've also been recently using the Matte setting spray, I do really like it but I'm still on the look out for a better brand, so please let me know any good ones in the comments. 
This Eid my cousins bought me the large Passion Fruit Body Butter from Body Shop and this has become my new favourite. It has such a fruity and fun summery smell and it is really good for moisturising after showers. 
Another thing I've been loving is nail care. As a Muslimah we don't typically paint our nails because we need do wudu (abolition) before prayer and our nails need to be water permeable. However when I'm not praying and I get my "monthly gift" I like to make an effort to look cute by paining my nails or wearing stick ons. My favourite nail polish brand is MUA because it's so cheap at only a £1 and it lasts so long and doesn't chip that easily. I've also been obsessing over the Elegant Touch French Manicure stick on nails, It really sticks on and it's so easy to remove.  
I hope you liked this quick favourites post and let me know what products you've been loving this summer. 
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My Problem with the Hijabi Fashion Blogging Industry

Over two years ago I wrote a post on my original blog "Immy's Adventures" about why I decided to stop blogging my outfits, and the truth is I just couldn't keep away, and that's partly why I evolved the blog into this one. However, after much thought, I thought it would be good to repost the post (with a few alterations) and let people know why the hijabi fashion blogging "industry" (I call it that because it is honestly as competitive as modelling or any other industry in fact) has lost its goal. The fashion blogging world has become about fame. To be fair, I guess it to some extent it is with all blogging.
The response from my successful blogging friends would often say that the main reason why I'm not becoming a successful blogger is that I don't show my face. That honestly makes me so sad because the reality of society has become shallow. With the growth of social media, relationships have become so distant. What’s really sad for me is the way we befriend people has become limited to how we look. As much as we would all like to say that were open minded and we really don't base relationships with people based on what they look like...we do...and that's the reality of life. If you truly think about it, on social media what else do you really have to base someone who you've never met in person and that lives half way across the world? The way we look cannot be changed we are born with that, so is it really fair to use that as a basis of who is good and who is bad? I want my mind to change the world and to be looked up to for the beauty of my character. We forget that beauty and youth fade one day, and our minds and souls will be the thing that forever stays the same.

If I’m liked for ONLY having a beautiful face or dressing in pretty clothes, then I don't want to be loved at all. As women, we need to be more than just pretty... But be loved for our minds. With that being said I hold all my fashion and beauty blogging friends in the highest terms and respect their work and this is not for even a second a post against any of them (as I classify as a fashion blogger). So, please before anyone leaves an angry comment below... I speak for myself before anyone else. Hopefully, I haven't offended anyone in this post and please forgive me if I do.  
Thank you to all my fabulous long time readers for making my journey exciting in its own right and supporting me despite never having seen my face. 

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